Why is everyone obsessed with Chatbots (Chatterbots or Chat Robots)? Are chatbots a mere hype or are they the next big thing in customer engagement? In the words of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Chatbot “is a technology that is inevitable as they open the way to create conversation as a platform”. Nadella furthers that chatbots will ride the new wave of artificial intelligence and change the way we browse the web.

Understanding the significance of chatbots

In simple words, chatbots are digital entities designed to automate most of the tasks that you do yourself, like reserving a dinner table, booking a flight ticket, fixing a medical appointment, checking the weather or ordering a bouquet of flowers. Chatbots engage in intelligent conversations with users, simultaneously inferring from the context, and enable users to access business services while they are on chat platforms like Facebook Messenger, Skype or Telegram. This primarily indicates the drastic shift of the search and discovery function from Google. Pure chat platforms like WhatsApp and WeChat will soon be joining the “bots party”.

From a business perspective, chatbots increase customer engagement by replacing the need to install several apps. Chatbots can be easily plugged into numerous data sources using APIs and can deliver services or data on demand. In the customer service domain, the bots are equipped to handle repetitive communication faster than humans, leading to increased productivity and customer satisfaction.

Why bots are a must-ingredient for your omni-channel CX strategy

Businesses of all sizes- small, medium or large- can benefit from chatbots. From airline industry to restaurants to small gift shops, there is a chatbot for everyone today. Online businesses also talk about the growing content consumption on chat platforms, which points towards the rise of Bot-as-a-Service. If your company has a chatbot interacting in the marketplace, then you will gain better customer insights, which means advanced personalization, increased targeted marketing, accurate brand messaging, and reduction in contact center costs.

Chatbots bring several advantages to the business ecosystem:

  • Bots are available 24X7 and can be pressed into continuous service without any interference.
  • Bots are inherently flexible, highly customizable, and can be developed at affordable costs.
  • Bots handle basic customer interactions and free up valuable human resources without affecting productivity.
  • Bots contribute to improved conversions as they study user’s online behavior to offer more personalized experience.
  • Bots are virtual assistants with multi-tasking abilities capable of revolutionizing customer interaction metrics.
  • Bots transform customer’s engagement with brands to a simple, natural and fun-filled activity.


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