The company

Inventia™ is an Italian Software factory founded in 2012 by Andrea Cinelli.

The core proposition is Inventia proprietary platform for Digital Sales Automation with Video CRM & Engagement
, uniquely positioned to guarantee an omni-channel approach to Digital Transformation, and available from up to seven touch points: web, mobile, social networks, smart devices, video kiosk and smart glasses.

Our solution allows to insert human experience into digital channels. All the processes and business interactions previously limited by physical constraints – like space, signature, skills, time, coverage, legal identification and many more – can now be streamlined and extensively deployed over digital channels.


“Inventia aims to recreate a cross-platform human sales and service experience allowing a remote agent to complete a business workflow with a prospect customer using a remote device e.g. kiosk, vending machines, ATMs, Smartphones, Tablets and Web VideoChat. Also a customer can start a business workflow interacting with a remote agent from a mobile device and then complete the transaction on a kiosk or on any other touch point. This is a unique capability in the current market of video chat and video customer engagement scenario.”
Gartner Inc., “Cool Vendors in Italy 2015”
Analysis by Regina Casonato, Brian Manusama


Andrea Cinelli

Founder & CEO

Andrea covered for 15+ years senior and top management roles for several Italian and international corporations like Telecom Italia, Tim Mobile, Wind Orascom, Vodafone, Trend Micro, Cdc Point, Apple Inc. in Italy, the US (4y) and Germany, across Software, Information Technology and Telcos.


Massimo Castelli


Senior Executive with 20+ years of experience in senior top management roles in Italian and International companies such as Tim (CMO), Telecom Italia (COO), Wind (CMO), Infostrada (CMO), Seat PG (COO).


Antonio Minosi


Antonio has 14+ years of experience in engineering, product and business development, both in industrial and ICT.

He covered several senior management roles as technical, operational and general manager, and has been active as member of board in different companies.