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Conduct Complex Transactions Online, Assist Your Customers Live.
Turn every contact into a sale

Human interaction is vital for CRM

Person to Person interaction is a vital component of customer satisfaction, even in the “digital age: in US $ 1,6 trillion is the estimated cost of customers switching due to poor service”*. Inventia provides a state of the art multi-channel Video Chat technology to provide the best customer support, anywhere

Video Chat is the Key for your business

Inventia innovation is to re-create a Human “retail like” experience” all over digital channels and cross-channels: to provide the best customer support or to sell your service everywhere

Never settle for an ordinary text chat!

Multiply your sales and become multi-channel with our “Human-Digital Text & Video Chat Technology “that allows you to engage customers, assist them with our advanced co-browsing, identify customers biometrically, and let you sell your services with the same intuitive human retail experience

Re-Invent Your Sales Channels

Inventia offers more then a Video Chat: a “Human-Digital Multi-channel Video Chat Remote Selling System” to start selling your product and services anytime and anywhere offering the same human experience

With Inventia you can


Speak with your customers

Sell more and provide better service with one or two way face to face Video Chat & Co-browse

On any device

Share product content while speaking with your customer

Video chat on mobile

Use on mobile devices while co-browsing with your customer

Customers see benefits across industries

Customer service

Faster resolution times

Financial services

Improved satisfaction rates


Increased engagement


Expanded reach


Higher sales conversion

Field services

Reduced operational cost

Increases Sales and the Conversion Rate (up to 75%)

Be Omnichannel (up to 7 different touch points)

Convert Socials into a sales channels

Less Email and calls to the Contact Center (up to 80%)

Provide real-time responses (less then in 1 second)

Reduce churn (up to 25%)

Drastically decrease support costs (up to 50%)

Less then 1h to integrate: cut and paste a simple code

Inventia, Gartner‘s Cool Vendor 2015 Video Customer Engagement, is designed to let every company to Act As One
when dealing with customers




Customer Engagement

Human digital text & video chat

Smart glasses for caring


Video kiosk solutions

Socials into Sales

Business Script Management

Cross channel business workflows management by the agent console

Devices Remote Control

Guide customers controlling their experience : like being hand in hand

Multimedia Video Chat

Text, Audio and Video: deactivate the web-cam for only text or audio chat

Self Adapting Video

Video communication that is suitable for any type of Internet bandwidth

iOS & Android Video Chat

Easy to integrate into any app for smartphones and tablets


Easy to integrate into existing technology environments

No Software Installation

Inventia technology does not require software installations: clientless

Cross Channel Video Sessions

Manage worklows sessions following customers on different channels

Co-Browsing & Sharing

Secure co-browsing without any installation. Document sharing tools

SMS & Socials Integration

Start a Video Chat from social networks or from a simple SMS message

Identity verification

Tools for the identity verification legally compliant and Byometric verification

Session Video Recording

Possibility of acquiring orders with the video recording of the session

SmartGlasses App

First to offer video chat solutions for environments Smart Glasses

Call Back

Guide customers controlling their experience: like being hand in hand

Call Forward & Multiparty

Guide customers controlling their experience : like being hand in hand

Video Pay per View

Possibility to offer prepaid Video sessions or to ask payments during each session

Omnichannel needs New Selling Tools

Inventia’s solution key features are

Designed for innovative customer support & effective remote sales

«End to End» management up to digital signature & payments

Workflow management & up to 7 touchpoints from the Agent console

Self adapting video & remote devices control for a guided experience

Session recording, identification tools, biometrics verification

Own retail video kiosk and station portfolio for internal or external use

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