Conversational Commerce, Visual Customer Engagement, Smart Advisor & Virtual Showroom,
Retail Video Connected Service Station , Customer On-Boarding Live Video Chat or AI Machine Learning solutions

Patent Pending Technology



Conversational Commerce, Customer onboarding, End-to-End omnichannel funnel management


Better monetize your web, mobile, social visitors while reducing abandonment, boost cross-selling and up-selling.

Increase your contact center and Agents productivity reducing your cart dropdown and improving your digital conversions with human engagement 100% online.


Prospects can be engaged omnichannel. A chatbot understands questions and answer to customer requests in order to keep at the end only best ones to be forwarded to a human or a virtual agent in chat or in video. Agents easily drive prospects step by step in-through predefined funnels automatically up to complete any kind of transactions: live identification, e-sign and e-pay inside our chatbox.


Designed to reduce the complexity of omni-channel marketing, create exceptional experiences for customers across the entire buyer journey and drive real ROI.

Customer Experience

Create an high-value assistance thanks to live chat and video communication plus state of the art collaboration tools to offer a seamless in person experience.

Increase sales

Monetize your web, mobile and social visitors and boost cross selling, upselling and team productivity. Increase your online convertions up to 3x.

Cost reduction

Optimize your workforce: efficiency, cost savings on staff, paperless processes and reduction of sales acquisition costs.

Happy Customers

Add the human touch to your digital sales and be closer to your Customers.
Convert support into experience.


It doesn’t matter where your customers are, whether they are on the streets, at home or in the office. All they need is an internet-enabled device of any kind.

100% Cloud based on AWS

Made easy for your customers with no need to login, download, or install anything. There are no camera, speaker or microphone requirements for them to interactive with Agents.

Easy to integrate

Our plugins ecosystem and API library allows to leverage non-visual engagement solutions, such as voice and chat, and pre-built integrations to any 3° parties applications.

Speedy OnBoading

Fast Attended & unattended knowledge-based authentication and identitiy verification process to support any compliance and KYC regulamentations.

Simple Click to action

Improve your campaigns engaging prospects simply sharing an html token by email, sms, messenger or whatsapp or during a phone call.

E-sign ready

Inventia support any e-signature technology. Customers can review and e-sign digital agreements from PC or mobile devices, in a few clicks in our video chat.


With a real seamless in person experience

Monetize your web visitors and increase your online sales conversion rates. By using INVENTIA solution combining, live video, chat and intuitive chatbot, brands can provide a real human experience to customers online, and improve conversion and ROI as a result of authentic digital experiences. Enhance your customer engagement by 6X, reduce website exit rates by 20% and increase online sales conversion by 40%!

Sales funnel automation

Increase the effectiveness and efficiency and conversions of your sales and service activities
Automatize your sales & CRM script on digital channels driving customers steps by steps, saving +50% time and improving convertions +65%.

Engaging click to call

Reach and engage with your website visitors at scale. Announce launches, demonstrate products, present promotional offers, host open webinars and live events all the while engaging with your audiences with live chat and chat bots. Connect and interact seamlessly with several to hundreds of online visitors at the same time. By implementing a live video educational tool on the website, it’s easier to interact, entertain and build trust with visitors. It’s possible to have a much higher quality interactions with online prospects – leading to better online conversion. 6x more engaging and 10x more efficient than a normal chat.

State of the art sharing tools

Integrated co-browse, bidirectional screen sharing, document sharing, remote camera control, file sharing and agent video provides a frictionless way to visually engage with online customers—securely and instantaneously—anywhere, anytime, and across any device. expedite knowledge transfer between participants as you visually connect with a real-time, interactive view of content regardless of where it resides—within a browser, in the cloud, on a desktop, or on a mobile device.

For any compliance & KYC support

Many sectors are faced with the challenge of digitalising their business processes. In cooperation with the end customer, in many cases it is advisable to identify this beforehand. This is beneficial for the security of both parties, particularly in the finance, insurance, telecommunications, automotive, eGovernement and eCommerce sectors. Inventia’s on-boarding unique technology allows to verify customer identity in two ways to support any compliance: attended and unattended on boarding. It is the best-in-class solution for digital identification and perfect online contract conclusion. The innovative platform-independent process meets all legal criteria on an EU-wide basis.

For any compliance & KYC support


Meet your customers face-to-face and deliver full service directly from your website. Inventia enables you to provide a secure, convenient, and personal online customer experience. Your customers can fill in and sign documents entirely online, no matter where your specialists are located. Inventia technology allows to sign legally binding contracts directly into the video chat with any esignature technologies including Namirial, Infocert, Intesa IBM, Xyzmo Significant, Softpro…

Direct payment integration


Let’s clients pay directly in chat, allow your agent to sell and be payed directly into the chatbox. Invention supports main electronic payment systems.