Inventia Self

Smart advisor goes virtual
drivig prospects to smarter convertions

Inventia Self is the new automated solution to deliver self-service identification to your customer.
Thanks to the proprietary A.I. and biometric technology, Inventia Self offers the same level of technical and legal compliance as face to face identification in many sectors.

Chatbot – For large scale operations

Artificial intelligence for text chat.
Allowing first contact resolution and providing filter for escalation.
Easy upgrade ti virtual or human agent.

Virtual agent – for smart interaction

High volume operations.
Off peak hours.
Max converage & min costs.
Step by step procedure.
Easy upgrade to human agent.

Face Recognition – For smart onboarding

Manage ID verification processes automatically.
Biometrics detection and verification.
Fast, secure, easy, cost effective.

ID scanner – For KYC and onboarding

Document acquisition.
Capture of personal data.
Easy form filling.

Virtual orchestration – For conversion

High speed funnelling.
Integration with CTI adn CRM platforms.

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