On Boarding & ID


Inventia provides a turn-key solution to Video-identify your customers.
Integrated with the largest European Trust Authorities and Digital Signature providers, Inventia-ID offers the same level of technical security and legal compliance as face-to-face identification

Boost Your Business with Inventia-iD Digital Identity

Inventia-iD is a turn key solutions that allows a Real Time and Legally Binding customer identification. Thanks to Patent Pending Inventia-iD technology you can upgradefrom customer engagement to customer on-boarding with a live identity certification and underwrite a contract, easily and smoothly via videochat.


Start on TextChat, upgrade to Video Chat and identify your client…

Let’s start engaging a client on your website, e-commerce or mobile app, on facebook or on a kiosk. Then upgrade the interaction to a Video Chat live identification process.
Possible use cases: open a new bank account, subscribe a car rental contract, underwrite an insurance policy or activate a Mobile Phone contract.
Inventia ID can be used by multiple co-underwriters and is available anytime and anywhere on different digital channels.

Step by step Identity verification

Inventia enables any identification process by managing each single step required. Your Agent can take HD snapshots of ID documents simply using a webcam or a smartphone camera, then can validate your Customer identity with OTP and EMAIL verification procedures.

Easy identification: Inventia-Cert:

Thanks to a special snapshot acquired automatically during the session, Inventia Cert is a patent pending technology that allows to acquire the proof of willingness to subscribe.

Legally binding underwriting : Inventia VideoContract

Inventia Video Contract is a special video-recording of the call with a double view (Agent-view and Customer-view with the same time-stamp), encrypted and ready for digital storage within your preferred Trust Authority

Sign a contract, the digital way

Your agent can discuss the contract documentation with your customer directly in the Video session, using Inventia collaboration features (i.e. Screen sharing, co-editing, doc transfer).
Closing a contract has never been so easy: Inventia supports all major Digital Signature providers, including Namirial, Xyzmo-Significant, Infocert, In.te.sa-IBM.

Online payments

Inventia can be integrated with your e-payment provider to complete the transaction directly in video chat.

Inventia-iD is choosen by leading European Trust authorities.

Inventia –iD is compliant with European regulation on Digital Identity (SPID, eIDAS) and KYC/AML provisions.


Accelerate Business Growth

Decrease radically customer acquisition time to market from 3 weeks to minutes

Increase customer conversion rate

from less 10% to 70%


Customer acquisition cost decrease more than 70%

Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty

Easy to use

Process takes from 30 seconds to 3 minutes
Friction-less (runs any browser)
Easy to integrate

Maximum versatility

Video identification
Video conference attended

Universal solution

Any country
Any id card
Any device
Any channel


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Mobile App
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