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Inventia Engage

In-Frame: co-editing & data entry

Inside the INFRAME area the Agent and the customer can work together, co-editing and co-browsing forms and fields

Not installation required




Inventia ID

Inventia ID is a portfolio of solutions to verify the identity of customers online by a Live Video Chat system.

A video connection between the user and an agent is established, through which the ID and the identity of the user are verified.
Several identification additional tools are avalaible( biometric).

Online identification via video is completely digital and takes only a few minutes. A digital signature can be added at the end of the process.

Inventia ACT

TELCO activation, video recording & encrypting

This service is designed to provide a video recognition of a customer in order to subscribe a Telco contract in live video chat
The customer choose the ID ACT service from web or mobile

  • An operator drive customer across the identification process
  • The video session is recorder as prove of identification process
  • Customer ID passport image (or other allowed ID document) is collected by operator
  • The operation ask customer to show SIM and acquire relevant data (ICCD and others)
  • The Operator will send the client the result of the Live ID process and activate the phone line

Inside the IN-FRAME area it is possibile to record video and documents for compliancy and archiving  purposes. The session can be encrypted for the maximum security.

Inventia Eyes

Smart Glasses

Video customer support solution

The Solution is based on Android Smart Glasses, integrated with Inventia technology, to let the agent sees what the customer see, take pictures and shares material and documentation.

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Inventia Kiosk

Kiosk Solution for Video Customer Engagement “Phygital Experience”

Inventia offers a full range of video kiosk integrated with its Inventia Connect Video Technology. The widest range of customizable video interactive kiosks solutions with payment, signature and delivery devices to hand over SIM card, badges and products.

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