Self ID is the new automated solution to deliver self-service identification to your customer.
Thanks to the proprietary A.I. and biometric technology, Inventia Self offers the same level of technical and legal compliance as face to face identification in many sectors.

The fastest way to verify prospects identity live

In a world of rapidly increasing online transactions in all areas of life SELF ID offers consumers throughout the world a signposted way of carrying out highest-security verification procedures in the handling of personal data – without delay in a 100% self service mode wherever your prospects are anytime without any human support thanks to a perfect combination of artificial intelligence, biometrics, face verification, gesture analisys, Ocr and video recording. Easy and amazing!

Identify customers in less than a minute

With Self ID you can verify your customers’ identity at scale and in a less then a minute without any human support or video chat: it’s easy, secure and in compliance with the law. Our patented solution results in a clear increase in conversion rates compared to traditional offline procedures. All the customer needs is an internet access, a computer with webcam or smartphone or tablet and their valid identity document and enables identification thanks to artificial intelligence and biometrics.

How it works

Smart on boarding

Strong identification with face verification, OCR, biometrics, hologram check and gesture control.Thanks to our patended process Companies, Ecommerce and institutions can check customer identiity with out innovative, platform-independent solution without any human support and video chat in a full self service mode: less costs and more customer satisfaction. Verify your prospects identity anytime thanks to our innovative artificial intelligence identitity verification technology. And finally let them e-sign legally-binding contract conclusion with customers and contract partners.

Pure artificial intelligence, no human support

A chatbot system greets customers and filters prospects before starting the identification process. Only the best ones are admitted to the identification process.

Biometric face verification plus gesture analisys

Our biometric system verifies that the prospect is a living and true person through an intelligent AI based analysis process and then compares the identity document with the client’s face to allow the verification of the identities’ face. Inventia patented video recording system records every single step of the process to be stored as a legal proof of a part or full identity check.

Strong ID document check

The ID document is acquired through an OCR system that acquires all contents automatically, checks the thickness of the document and the hologram if present. Additional checks can be applied depending on local compliances.

Mobile ID cert

And finally Inventia patended ID cert crystallizes in a single image a digital certificate with a secure proof of the owner of device.

Human identity check escalation

In case the automatic id check is not able to confirm the prospect identity a human support could be provided in order to complete the idetification process.

WOW Experience

Available on Mobile

Any time, usable everywhere

No media disruption

Process orchestration

100% Self On-boarding

Easy Click-to-call

Socials, SMS, Whatsapp ready

WOW Technical leadership

Saas or On Premises

Ready for scale

Open interfaces and excellently documented API

Integrated BPX

Integrable with any E-sign

Secure 256 SHA Recording

WOW Add ONs Options

From fast connection by link or iFrame to individual integration

Implementation duration as from a few days

Customer Engagement

Document Management

Ready for Retail

Human Video Chat escalation

Chatbot and AI