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Phygital STATION is the new front-end for your retail with a video connected experience ready to reduce your front-desk costs, improve your customer support, provide your services anywhere. It open ups limitless possibilities for your business. Phygital STATION is proudly based on the HP disruptive immersive technology and on HP Sprout Pro G2 workstations

In-Store shopping Revolution

Phygital Station creates an unforgettable experience with a perfect combination of our advanced video technology and an innovative in-store kiosk based on the new HP Sprout G2. To engage your customers, to provide info or support, to remotely manage any kind of business sales or CRM flows: you can offer an In-Person experience to your customers anywhere.
Phygital Station is powered by the new Hp Sprout G2.

Create Interactive Menus to let your customers choose their favorite services

Create Interactive Menus to let your customers choose their favorite services

Thanks to the Inventia technology you can create any kind of interactive menus to provide any kind of services to your customers with a single click!

Let’s talk live with a Video connected Agent.

Speak with the Agent as you were in person, to receive information, support or subscribe a new contract with an integrated digital signature technology. Extraordinary video communications experience.

Record the call with our Session Video Recording

Record of the video session through Inventia Video Technology Contract as proof of the customer willingness to subscribe. Inventia partners leading Certification Authorities and Trust Services for digital storage, according to law provisions.

Capture images or documents through remote camera control

Agent can take HD snapshots or scan documents, thanks to the 3D scanner technology integrated in the HP Sprout G2.


The easiest way to fill online forms, collect customer information and syncro with your CRM.

Share documents and draw your customer’s attention

Share any kind of document, forms, contracts and interact with your customer as in-person. You can even draw on it, highlight areas for further attention.
And print it, of course!

Customer Identity Verification

ID real time validation with Inventia ID services.

Let’s sign live like being in person with digital signature.

Digitally sign your customer through esignature integrated systems thanks to integrated payment systems and finally receive any kind of payments thanks to electronic payment systems.

Be Omnichannel

Inventia enables crosschannel process resilience. Hop on hop off, the transaction can be put on hold and then reactivated from a different digital channel, (PC or mobile), anytime. An integrated experience, multi-channel, exciting and innovative.

Retail front end
Improve retail front end width video connected service stations

Innovate your retail customer journey, improve your front end customer service with our Video Service Stations based on HP’s immersive computing technology.

HP Virtual Banker
The perfect bridge between physical and digital for the finance market

It’s a new banking paradigm based on HP’s immersive computing technology. Customers can receive a seamless human experience through human interaction.

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