Customers are just a click away from you!

Inventia Smart Advisor allows to enhance online customer experience monetizing ecommerce, mobile, social and retail visitors reducing omni-channel marketing and sales complexity through live video communication and personalized assistance in real time wherever customers are. Boost cross-selling and up-selling. Increase your sales teams productivity in any physical touchpoint with human engagement 100% online.

How it works

  1. Prospects are engaged through Human Agent or Chatbot
  2. In case of a Chatbot an AI System understands prospect requests to keep only the best ones forwarding them to an Agent for a chat or a video-chat
  3. Agent drives prospects step by steps helping him to choose the best product through collaboration and sharing tools
  4. Agent guides prospect into a predefined business flow up to an a e-sign if required and payment cart!

Hello! I’m here for you! Engaging proactive call-to-action

Your customer is immadiately connected to a sales rapresentative thanks to a clearly visible proactive launcher widget or a click to call button. The agent can also share an html link to prospect by email, text, message, Whatsapp and any other platform from web and mobile.

Omnichannel real time video smart engagement

Our uniqueness provides an end to end visual prospect guide into any business script at 360°. This is the main innovation towards any customer engagement and video collaboration. We are used to say: from and engagement to a sale. So you can engage with a customer on any channel and drive them step by step Until the conclusion of the business process. This can be done on any touch point device . And at the same time it is possible to start a process on one device and complete it later on a different one.

Seamless human experience

Offer a seamless human engaging experiences across the entire buyer digital journey driving prospects from engagement to a sale. Agents can easily drive prospects step by step in predefined funnels automatically, up to complete any kind of transactions.

Visual prospect guidance into any business script

An In-house agent can engage prospect in chat and video chat executing a business flow guiding the customer from engagement to an e-sign until the conclusion of a business funnel.

State of the art collaboration tools

Integrated co-browse, bidirectional screen sharing, document sharing, remote camera control, file sharing and agent video provides a frictionless way to visually engage with online customers – securely and instantaneously – anywhere, anytime, and across any device. Expedite knowledge transfer between participants as you visually connect with a real-time, interactive view of content regardless of where it resides – within a browser, in the cloud, on a desktop, or on a mobile device.


Boost productivity and efficiency with video calling, content sharing, and electronic signature. Agents can easily and securely share any content and enable customers to complete and electronically sign documents.

Smart leads capture


Do not lose a deal again thanks to the form for call back requests and appointment booking.