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Your customers want to do business with people they can see. They want the security that only a one-to-one/one-to-many visual meeting with an experienced, caring professional can deliver. Providing this level of care comes at the cost of convenience, requiring customers to schedule (and reschedule) appointments, travel to offices, and make up for lost time at work. Inventia Smart Contract is a secure high-quality video communication and e-sign solution that eliminates this cost. This powerful, easy-to-use tool enables your customers to engage in fully interactive face-to-face meetings with your specialists directly from your website, with no downloads or installations required.

Boost productivity and efficiency with video calling, content sharing and legal electronic signature

With Inventia Smart Contract you can sign contracts with your customers online. Instead of requiring a handwritten signature, an electronic signature is created. It has the same validity from a legal perspective. In just a few minutes, Inventia Smart Contract enables contract conclusion without media disruption or additional hardware. All the customer needs is an internet access, a computer with webcam or smartphone or tablet and their valid ID document. The customer will be identified first before being taken directly to the contract signing. Everything happens within the same process. That creates a great user experience which lets the conversion rate increase significantly.

Inventia Smart contract solutions

One-to-one e-sign
Meet your customer face-to-face and deliver full service directly from your website, mobile or retail service station. Our comprehensive real-time video communication, collaboration, and e-signing solution enables you to provide a secure, convenient, and personal online customer experience.

Multi one-to-many e-sign
Meet more customers face-to-face at the same time in a unique video room from your website, mobile or retail service station and our comprehensive real-time video communication, collaboration, and multi e-signing solution enables you to provide e-sign with many customers at the same time from the same room.

How it works


Through a Widget, a Button, a Mobile Device or an HTML Link shared by email, sms or WhatsApp connects customers to Agents or Ai creating an e-signature video-room

ID verification

Thanks to Inventia ID on-boarding Identitiy validation Agents or AI easily and securely can verify customer identities in realtime


In a few clicks, your customers can review and sign digital agreements using their PCs, mobile devices or through a service station


Agents/AI and customers get certified PDFs of e-signed documents. Inventia ID securely stores these documents plus audit trails

Advantages for you

Higher conversion rate

Highest security standard & legal compliance

Turn-Key solutions including E-sign and Storage

Works with every E-Sign technology

Advantages for your customers

Anytime and anywhere

No additional hardware

Easy and quick in approx. 5 minutes

On-Boarding and E-Signing seamless in the same process

Sign contracts with your customers online

Many sectors are faced with the challenge of digitalising their business processes. With the qualified electronic signature (QES) you offer your customers the complete digital process. As such, you do not have to print out the contract, sign it and send it, but rather you can start the business relationship straight away. The QES, often legally required, is for the security of both parties.