Why Inventia

The world’s only complete video customer engagement and digital sales automation solution
which provides different services: e-signature, live identification and automatic script management.

A Problem

We are now in 2018 and customers can’t buy everything online, but they are “Omni-Consumers”: “I want it, I buy it”. Anywhere and anytime. It’s a problem, but goods and services in regulated markets require complex consultative
sales, long product demonstrations, identity verification, signature and the customers presence.

More and more companies are now looking for effective solutions to keep up with the digital transformation. Let’s imagine, for example, a bank wants to reduce its number of branches and wants to enable end-to- end financial service management: from opening accounts to remote management of all financial transactions aswell as complying with regulations.
Inventia is the solution.

The Solution

Inventia can solve these problems thanks to its SaaS Phygital Sales Automation platform. This platform allows companies to manage customer engagement, collaboration, commercial script or CRM automated procedures, customer identification, digital signature and payment into an omnichannel video chat system.

Customer engagement can take place in any type of channel or browser for example, with
an app, web widget or click2call. They can also be used in different ways for example, chatbot, text chat, video chat with remote agent or virtual assistant. The platform offers extensive web collaboration and online identification capabilities for customer on boarding which are in compliance with the law and the European eIDAS Regulation. Inventia can also integrate itself within any digital or electronic signature system and allows a contract signature within the video chat system. An all in one package to ENGAGE, IDENTIFY, SIGN & SELL!


Inventia’s strength lies in our ability to allow companies to guide their customers through commercial and CRM processes step by step within the video chat system, thanks to its exclusive script management system.
The specialist operator can guide the customer into each script of any Inventia supported channel. The solution is specifically designed for the Enterprise market and offers security, scalability, interoperability and reliability at the highest standards of the market.

How Inventia is different

99% of customer engagement solutions are designed only to manage customer support. Inventia manages customer interaction end to end, from the engagement to the transaction into the script management system;

Inventia allows companies to increase their efficiency and customer satisfaction whilst decreasing Sales Acquisition Costs;

Improves customer experience and upgrades customer support, increasing Net Promoter Score;

The only agnostic platform that allows the re-using of existing technological environments and service provider systems;

The only solution able to follow its customers in every step;

The only solution able to be integrated within different technologies and compliances;

The only real omnichannel solution able to increase sales both on digital and physical channels: it’s really phygital.

The benefits

Increase customer loyalty and conversion rates in a few minutes over digital channels;

Automatic sales funnel in every digital channel thanks to integration with business sales systems;

Allows customer on boarding safely and compliantly;

Allows increasing customer support and satisfaction;

Allows customer collaboration in every step of the interaction: engagement, e-signature and payment;

Increase customer trust and contact center effectiveness.